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Long Beach Island

After hurricane sandy many homes were destroyed, damaged, or even displaced.  The home we worked on was on Long Beach Island a few houses from the bay.  The homeowner walked in and the floor completely collapsed.  After assesing the situation the first floor was completely gutted and the plywood floors and floor joists were removed.  Upon further inspection most of the sill plates and outside rim joist had been destroyed from years of the tide moving up and down, hurricane sandy delt the final blow.  Wolfs Corner Construction crew members then moved to action re building, re leveling, and re-installing the first floor all while keeping the second floor completely in tact and un harmed.  All the work was done in coordination with the house raising company who had specific requirements for floor strength and beam position.  This was no easy task but the home is now ready to be raised and Wolfs Corner Construction will be back to finish once the home is at its new level!



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